About Me

Mylo Reid is a massively successful voice actor who lives in an eighteen million dollar mansion… Just kidding! Well, at least about the mansion part! ;)

Who am I really? I’m someone who used to hate the sound of my own voice. I used to hate that feeling of being asked to talk about myself or what I was all about.

When I went to acting school, this all changed. I became obsessed with how my voice could grow and change and tell new stories I hadn’t told before.

Not too long after I finished school, I got scouted by a dubbing studio in New York City. I got to play a lot of major and minor characters in about half a dozen series that only air internationally so, no, you probably haven’t seen them, or even heard of them for that matter! :)

Nowadays, I make my living full time doing a variety of different kinds of voice over jobs. I love being able to be the voice of a new product, idea, or character that might change someone’s life!

And even though I’m always busy, I’m always ready to be even busier! So if you have some words you need spoken or shrieked, you know where to find me!